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Film producer, distribution expert, and today's "go-to" authority of how to get a film to market, Jerome Courshon has broken open the previously "locked doors" of successful independent filmmaking with his innovative 3-Day Program entitled, "THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION: Get Your Movie Distributed Now!"

Under that banner along with his Master Classes, his varied lectures, and an elite consulting service, Courshon provides valuable strategies to Producers & Directors in getting their films into the top distribution channels. He cuts through the mystery and mayhem of what it takes to get a film before an audience.

Jerome Courshon knows the "game." His core lesson: How to play it.

A producer in his own right (God, Sex & Apple Pie, for which he was able to secure a profitable distribution deal with Warner Bros.), Courshon is called upon by many sources for his savvy. From beginning to veteran producers, as well as the press, all contact him regularly to gain access to his unparalleled expertise and invaluable knowledge.

Regarded as one of the world's chief experts in distribution, he tracks the ever-changing film industry distribution markets to present relevant, trending and successful strategies in his lectures, classes and 3-Day Program. His ultimate goal for every filmmaker? Get your movie or documentary to the marketplace successfully.

Citing his own personal journeys of releasing films, and working with distributors, Courshon highlights the many obstacles & challenges filmmakers face today -- and how to overcome them. His teachings also pack powerful messages on how to stay in the game for the long haul. At the heart of every lesson on distribution is a focus on "what works and what doesn't."

What began simply as an evening class seven years ago has morphed into a powerful & comprehensive 3-Day Program. Courshon has literally assisted hundreds of Producers & Directors with achieving meaningful and solid distribution. (See the testimonials page here.)

Some of what they're saying:

Initially, Courshon was like most other producers who learned the insider-knowledge of successful distribution the hard way: He hit the wall. Once he'd learned the "game," however, others cautioned him "Not to share this information with everyone." But with the persistent urging from colleagues -- as well as those he had taken the time to help with their own films -- he decided to share this closely-held knowledge for the benefit of all.

Courshon has written articles on film distribution for many trade magazines (MovieMaker Magazine, Indie Slate Magazine, Film Festival Today, etc.), is currently a regular contributor to The Wrap (TheWrap.com), and is quoted in major business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Yahoo Movies and MSN News. He has also been a frequent guest on panels & forums around the country (see list here), speaking to filmmakers about the joys and perils of today's distribution challenges.

Prior to venturing out on his own, Courshon spent a decade at HBO working in various capacities, most notably in Original Programming as well as HBO Films. He also worked in Original Programming and Development at Comedy Central.

In addition to his own films, he is also a producer-for-hire, his most recent gigs: Six national television commercials, and a full-length documentary nearing the post-production finish line. Courshon is also in development on his next movie.

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